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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 500am  ABC  January 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> this is eyewitness news this morning, coverage you can count on. right now, volusia county defensive deputies looking for the man accused of raping a woman three times in a week. saturday, january 9, i'm daralene jones, time now is 5:00 on the dot, our top story in just a minute but first, let's get you outside to see
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morning, you can barely see. the city skyline over downtown orlando, dense fog in the area, meteorologist marina jurica in the newsroom. >> we're looking at an i-4 corridor heading through the coast line, make sure you drive carefully, it's soupy for sure. satellite radar showing we're socked in and even with mostly cloudy skies we were able to develop a lot of fog out there and the worst of it is around the i-4 corridor from downtown orlando up through seminole county and in to volusia county and day tonia -- daytona beach with half a mile or less visibility, down in to clermont, kissimmee, melbourne over in to cocoa beach. future fog nine in to motion forward, we've got fog but
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10:00 it will be clear, the chance for thunderstorms as we move in to this evening, daralene? developing this morning, volusia county deputies working to find the man they say raped a woman several times in the same week. and a woman accused of being his accomplice is waiting to see a judge this morning. eyewitness news this morning's julie salomone says is the woman tried to get away but she was scared. >> reporter: scared for her life and for her family's life, she told investigators he said he would kill them if she didn't keep quiet. volusia county sheriff's office investigators looking for 18-year-old terrell williamson who forced a woman to have sex with him on three occasions from january first through the fifth. investigators already caught daria hill, accused of holding the woman down in the batteries.
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pointed a gun to the victim, threatening to shoot her. >> he took off her pants that were nearby and pointed a gun at her hoed haed -- her head. >> reporter: the second time, williamson held a pillow over her face while raping her and a third time he punched her and hill held her down against her will while williamson raped her. >> deputies arrested hill on friday without a problem, at her mother's apartment complex where the alleged attacks took place. again, investigator are still looking for williamson, daralene? orange county deputies say a good samaritan may have went too far chasing down a hit and run driver and opening fire, but not likely to face charges, deputies say 31-year-old peter neil driving on a suspended license when he crashed in two people and took off. that's when this eyewitness chased him and confronted him.
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samaritan's car but he shout out his own tire then shout out again after neil lunged at them, police say it was self-defense. >> the witness might have gone victim himself. >> neil booked in to jail yesterday and is still there this morning. 117 accused drug dealers are now in jail, in lake county after an investigation that took months to bring cash, guns, and drugs off the streets. deputies say they targeted a major crystal meth ring that moved a kilo of drug a month. that adds up to a street value of $100,000 each t. some of the accused drug dealers even had motion and audio detectors on their property, possibly to know if anyone was on to them. >> usually we've seen it in more sophisticated operations but again, it just goes to show you the amount of money they were making, and the level of
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about having that kind of security. >> even with 117 arrests, investigator are still trying to track down 33 more individuals. and we now know one of the people linked to that operation is facing murder charge in a cold case, kenneth reed who you see here is responsible for the death of hauser back in 2007, he tried to have sex with hauser, restrained her and covered her nose and mouth hoping she would black out. he says she took off when she went limp. >> now we feel like we're going to get justice, you know, even though we can't bring her back, we still feel there will be some justice served. >> family members say they have long suspected reed was responsible, he had been hanging out with haus -- hauser and a group of other people the thiet she was found dead jie a -- a philadelphia police officer after he was shot by a man inspired by isis. the attack caught on
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gonzalez reports the fbi is now trying to determine if the suspect has any direct ties to isis. >> reporter: chilling surveillance images of what philadelphia police call an ambush on one of their officer by a suspect they say pledged loyalty to isis. >> we have an officer shot. >> reporter: this video shows the suspect firing at least 11 times in to a patrol car. >> my god, i mean, the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle, i mean, he knew what he was doing, he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> reporter: the officer in the driver's seat, jesse hartnet. >> i've been shot! i'm bleeding heavily! >> reporter: shot three times in the arm. >> i'm absolutely amazed that officer hartnet is here with us today. >> reporter: he managed to get out of the car, follow the suspect and fire back. other officers soon arrested the injured suspect, identified as 30-year-old edward archer.
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>> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state, he follows allah and that is the this. >> according to him, he believed that the police defend laws that the koran. >> reporter: investigators now trying to determine how he was radicalized as officer hartnett recovers in the hospital gentleman he's waking up, tough road, he's a tough guy. i love him, very proud of him. >> reporter: and philadelphia's police commissioner says that nine millimeter gun to shoot was a police firearm stolen in 2013. investigators still trying to figure out how the suspect got a hold of it. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> prayers for his family. blue bell ice cream makers are adding another new case of listeria to the outbreak that forced the company to shut down their plants last year, signs were recently spotted in the production facility in texas,
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investigation by the u.s. department of justice, despite the latest case, blue bell says the product are safe and should be back on the shelves by the end of the month. president barack obama honors victims in his state of the union address next week, planning to leave an empty seat in the first lady's box, the theme of address usually sit with the first lady, the president says he hopes the empty seat will be a reminder to those whop have been killed by -- who have been killed by gun violence. and senator marco rubio is taking a special guest, conor mcfarland will accompany the senator, he's the son of an army reservist who died while in afghanistan in 2012. the family is from oviedo and mcfarland just finished his first semester at seminole state college and done a lot to honor the veterans. the orange county man accused of slashing the throat of his 70-year-old neighbor has withdrawn his plea of not guilty. court records show douglas reed
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attempted murder and robbery, investigators say he attacked fisher with a box cutter last july. court records show reed rejected a different plea offer from the state, the victim is relieved by the guilty plea but says the attack left her with physical and emotional scars. >> i have to put lights on every night, i sleep with lights on now. because sometimes i'm just paralyzed with fear during the night. >> reed is still in the orange county jail, he could face up to life in prison. sentencing is scheduled for january 29. right now orlando police need your help finding the couple accused of stealing a $2,300 yorkie puppy. all caught on camera on east colonial drive, the same location where a puppy was stolen a few months ago, the store owner says this couple went in to look at yorkies and the woman left to get money, moments later the man she was with took off running with the 2-month-old dog. in the next 20 minutes, thousands of runners expected to
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in epcot, runners are facing new costume rules for the disney marathon weekend. last month disney announced no visitors 14 and older would be allowed to wear costumes in any of the theme parks as part of the new security protocol. runners may still dress up but the costumes must not contain anything that looks like a gun or sharp object, runners who are 14 and older cannot wear masks. still time to get your lottery ticket for a chance to win the largest powerball jackpot ever in the u.s. $800 million. people across the country have been lining up to buy tickets ahead of tonight's drawing, some even waited hours, yes, hours to get tickets. your chances though of winning are only one in 292 million. very slim. but if you do pick up all the right numbers you could walk away with a lump sum of $496 million, not too shabby.
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winning numbers at 11:00 and a lot of dense fog out there, marina, scary conditions. >> for sure, both socked in when i was driving in, just know the dense fog won't lift until 9:00, 10:00. once it lifts we will see sunshine and that's actually only going to help fuel the fire for thunderstorms and showers later on this evening with that 40% rain chance, really any time after 4:00, 5:00 p.m. is fair game as we see the upper 70s and low 80s for our warmest day of the week. in ocala, we'll see clouds increase as we head in to the evening. and we'll be looking at a high today of 75. college park in the i-4 corridor, looking at our best chance for rain moving in as i said after 5:00 a.m. with a high -- 5:00 p.m. with a high of 78. titusville, the best chance of rain not until late tonight, 8:00. if you're heading to the coast, it's going to be a nice day at the beach but we are looking at
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drug addiction is a grow k epidemic in -- growing epidemic in central florida, what to help addicts and save taxpayers' money.
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i'm bo nd', welyd ipn' coupinmaernd who'savg g ti? isir can he y? de. isue o sangderv aewd. a canliplse the weey , goancoon three syaytoavathe mela y le sp.
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good saturday morning, i'm marina jurica 5:15 right on the dot, we're looking at dense fog for your saturday morning, once that does lift, some of our will roll in. before, some showers and even the chance tore thunderstorms make -- for thunderstorms make an appearance, pretty socked in with clouds right now, even where we're seeing the clouds, dense fog as i was driving on 417 and 408, very thick. visibility reduced in downtown
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the i-4 corridor to less than half a mile, i'll break that down. that cold front still in the panhandle, out to the west, slowly but surely making its way in to our neck of the woods. we'll be looking at the cold front passing through early tonight, early tomorrow morning. visibility numbers, half a mile from daytona beach through volusia county, a mile in sanford, half a mile in downtown orlando. that is definitely where our big trouble spots are. thick fog in ocala, leesburg, kissimmee and clermont and up in to palm coast. future fog 7:00 a.m., still very thick, taking until 9:00, 10:00 before we clear all that fog out of here and we're going in. we are in the upper 50s and low 60s, so it's a comfortable start to the day today, once that cold front passes through, we'll see big changes ahead over the next 48 hours. warm afternoon today in the upper 70s flirting with about 80 degrees, then late afternoon,
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thunderstorm popping in, and that will be really be any time after 5:00 p.m., overnight in to early tomorrow morning. front arrives sunday, drier and breezy, winds kicking out of the northwest up to 20 miles per hour and then a very cool stretch, actual coolest stretch of the season next week as we stay unseasonably cool. hour by hour showing we'll see sunshine and that's going to help fuel the fire for those showers and possibly a few thunderstorms rolling through later on this evening and then cold front will gradually make its way through on sunday as we see a very cool day as we move in to our work week. upper 70s to 80 degrees along the coastline, a small craft advisory, swps -- as well as high rip current risk through the weekend, swim close to the life guard station if you're out on the coast enjoying the near 80 degrees we're seeing today. any time after 4:00, 5:00, have that umbrella ready to rock and roll, dry for the rest of the
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that, low to mid 60s for highs, and lows in the 40s, starting on monday morning. daralene? developing this morning, releasing surveillance video of the van police say was used in a triple murder. here's a look, deputies say the suspects drove this white commercial van the morning of the killings in lakeland on wednesday, one of the three victims survived. investigators say the suspects may be from the miami area. in seminole county, a teenager accused of stabbing her ex boyfriend at school is back at home. police say 15-year-old lloyda linadine slashed the victim with a knife, charging her with an adult but her lawyer told us she doesn't deserve that. >> this will haunt her for the rest of her life. in this girl's young life, this seems to be an isolated incident. >> prosecutors say they charged the teenager as an adult because of the facts and evidence indicate this is the way it should be handled. her next court appearance is in march. orange county residents are
5:18 am
on their curbs after a week without pick up. but officials say that the garbage should be gone by today. the orange county solid waste manager says a special route will be run today to catch up, starting january 1, the county started a new automated collection program. employees no longer need to get out of the trucks to collect the garbage, but it's gotten off to a slow start. >> it doesn't look nice, it's hard backing out of your driveway, you know, i prefer it not there. >> homeowners should put out trash cans with the arrows on the lid facing the street at least three feet away from other objects so collection can be more efficient. we heard from family members that a 2-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself is now improving. family sent us these pictures you see here of ethan walker yesterday, the boy is wake and can now -- awake and can now breathe on his own, he shot himself with a gun he found in his grandfather's pick up truck,
5:19 am
accident but still looking in the case. shocking number shows more government spends on beating drug addiction, the more money taxpayers save in the long run, that is why orange county officials are working on a pilot program to give recovering addicts tools to fight their addiction. george estevez spoke to those who are at risk who do nothing to control this problem. >> right now it's an epidemic. >> reporter: joan wants you to give other addicts a chance too. >> people are paying attention because it's affecting everybody, nobody's immune. >> reporter: joan who runs a stepping stone to success is in favor of providing addicts with narcan, medication given to addicts right as they overdose. >> pull overred safety guard. >> reporter: >> that's like antivenom? >> yeah, and it works immediately.
5:20 am
realize they went too far and bounce back, the criminal justice saved $7 for every dollar we spent on treatment. >> most parents don't think their kids will try heroin. >> reporter: theresa wants to stop the cycle with young kids in high school. >> give them a chance to get their life on track ask we can have successful, positive outcomes. >> reporter: a program proposed wants to target people who's been on drugs and once they get out, track their progress and give them access to treatment, and giving them and their family narcan. >> a family, and find you and while they're calling 911 to use it like epipen. >> reporter: it's all in the beginning stages but those who know this could help addicts are excited to get them results. >> they say ugh, maybe it's time i do something different. >> reporter: and heroin is everyone's problem, because drug addiction affects 85 million people, one in four families.
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george estevez, back to you. next on eyewitness news this morning, what a plea deal mean for the teenager accused of two murders and a shooting spree that left people in osceola county living in fear for weeks. remember, if you want more local news at 9:00 this morning, turn to eyewitness news this morning
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. right now, an osceola county teenager may spend the rest of his life in prison after admitting to killing two people, konrad schafer was just 15 years old we went on a shooting spree back in 2013. he confessed to the crime during the hearing yesterday. 17-year-old david huero and another were killed, prrz believe he deserves another sentence. >> when you have senseless murders like this, this is the
5:25 am
>> he's scheduled to be sentenced april 15, he faces a minimum of 40 years in prison, one of his codefendants, victoria rios still awaiting trial, two others have already been sentenced. an attempted murder suspect in titusville finally out of the hospital, yesterday zachary pena had his court appearance in a wheelchair, shot by police back in november after he was stabbed, a contractor and a police dog at the space coast regional airport. pena was also the suspect in a double homicide in palm beach county at the time of the stabbing. investigators in marion county say they now know the remains found near a lake belong to. officials say they have identified them as 48-year-old john raviga, said to have mental disability and his hen -- mental capacity of a 3-year-old, hasn't been seen since february 2014 when he walked away from his home. a final report released by the
5:26 am
leesburg police are still investigating what caused a fatal crash on thursday that incident. officers say 81-year-old howard wit dies -- died when his cash crashed in to a tree near leesburg high school, but officers say he and another driver were arguing outside of their windows moments before that crash, they eventually drove off, but wit didn't make it far before hitting the tree. >> it doesn't appear anyone else crash. >> police say they also believe the argument may have triggered something in wit that mate -- made him lose control. the search is on, for the 18-year-old man for the volusia county deputies say raped a woman three times in one week, and had a woman helping him, suspects. flirting with 80 degrees today but looking at showers and thunderstorms this evening.
5:27 am
the next 30 minutes. but first, ideas on how to spend your day, for a complete
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i'm bo nd', welyd ipn' coupinmaernd who'savg g ti? isir can he y? de. isue o sangderv aewd. a cannoplse the weey , goancoon three syaytoavathe mela y le sp.
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this is eyewitness news this morning, coverage you can count on. >> right now, volusia county
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man accused of raping a woman three times in a week, and a woman also accused mt case is in jail this morning. this is saturday, january 9, time now is 5:30. let's get you outside for a live look over downtown orlando this morning, take a look. there is thick fog in the area right now, meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> we're going to be dealing with this thick fog for at least the next three more hours, make sure you leave yourself extra commuting time if you're moving out and about this morning, breaking down the numbers, i-4 corridor is the worst, we warned you, i-4 heading towards the coastline seeing the brunt of the fog this morning, that's exactly where weg seeing -- where we're seeing it, seminole county, downtown orlando, and then trouble spots across southern brevard from coco beach in to melbourne, kissimmee
5:31 am
les les -- leesburg, pushing our tracker forward to 9:00 a.m., lightening up and by 10:00 completely clear. temps in the upper 50s and low 60s if you're heading to the beach this weekend, i want to let you know we're still dealing with dangerous surchb, high -- surf, high rip current risk and small craft advisory for seas four to six tet, wind -- feet, wind kick up tomorrow, we'll see that go up from seven to eight feet this morning, daralene? an 18-year-old accused of raping a woman three times in a week on the run, and his judge. eyewitness news this morning's julie salomone has been working to learn more about the suspects and julie, investigator say the man also pointed a gun to the victim's head. >> reporter: authorities say she was scared for her life and her family's life, she told investigators he would kill them if she didn't keep quiet. the victim told investigators terrell williamson raped her three times.
5:32 am
dar -- said 18-year-old daria hill was there each time, the first time the suspect pointed a gun at the victim's head and turn take off her clothes, when she said no, it turned violent. >> pants nearby and pointed at her head and basically said, you're going to do what i tell you to do. >> reporter: the second assault allegedly occurred just nine hours later. the victim told diments williamson -- deputies say williamson pulled out aw gun -- a gun and put a pillow over her head and raped her. hill didn't do anything. the third time, hill began punching the victim and wouldn't let her leave the room. >> held her down while he was attacking her. >> reporter: deputies arrested hill but looking for williamson. >> disturbing and upsetting, we want the victim to get the help she needs and we want to help her by bringing those
5:33 am
>> reporter: deputies arrested hill with no problem at her mother's apartment where the attacks took place, deputies still looking for williamson. we told you police say 36-year-old morgan dragged officer fink when he tried to pull him over. it happened on kayley avenue in division street on wednesday, fink was treated for a concussion. we obtained the radio transmissions that went out after the incident, you can hear fink's back up officer calling >> took off, [ indiscernible ] >> conscious, talking to you? >> yes, yes, he's conscious. >> police say morgan did not have a license, he is still in the orange county jail on aggravated battery of an officer resisting with violence and fleeing charges. his bond set at 15 thousanded. the marion county sheriff's office now needs your help in
5:34 am
take a good look at this photo, the 18-year-old victim told police moneralon hit her with a firearm with the help of female accomplices. he put her in the trunk of a car in spring drive in ocala last week, you're asked to call the sheriff's office if you know where he could be. an orange county high school student is facing charges this morning after investigators found a gun, knife, and drug car. the principal of timber creek high school said students tipped off school officials about what was inside the car. >> we want to commend the students who reported the situation to school administrators. >> [ indiscernible ] says no one was in danger and the incident did not interrupt the school day, the name of the student not released. in orange county an elderly woman whose throat was slashed by her neighbor as she was gardening is relieved to know her attacker now admits he's guilty. but she told eyewitness news's this morning's michael laparte, she's the one that feels as a
5:35 am
>> reporter: look closely and you can see the scars on tisher's neck -- fisher's effect, reed slashed her next with a box cutter as he tried to rob her. >> i want to tell him what an evil man he is, because he is evil. >> reporter: reed recently moved down the street and entered the home as she took a break from yard work, reed hid in the bedroom, attacked in the dining room and tried to smother here in the living room, the two had seen each other but did not know each other yoo -- >> i was minding my own business, then there i was in his grasp. >> reporter: he rejected a plea from the state in november and decided to plead guilty to two charges, attempted murder indicating the move was in his best interest and dropped two other charges. >> i'm relieved it's going to be over and whatever is going to happen is going to happen. >> reporter: in these two letters, a woman who claims to have two children with reed is pleading for the judge to have
5:36 am
>> i feel bad for him in that he is going to serve his time in that prison, i feel good for me because really, i'm serving my time in my own little prison here. >> reporter: fisher says the terror of the attack has left her living with the lights on and the doors locked. michael la parte, eyewitness news this morning. >> prosecutors won't say what type of punishment they plan to ask for, but florida law says the crime can lead to life in prison, reed's attorney told us he didn't have his client's permission to talk about the case with eyewitness news. sentencing is scheduled for january 29. the titusville mosque held services for the first time since targeted by a vandal. we first told you, first showed you that surveillance video that shows a machete wielding suspect destroying the property, titusville police arrested 35-year-old michael wolf, charging him with criminal miss chief to a -- mischief to a place worship, people in the
5:37 am
the mosque. >> letters, people sebt cards -- sent cards and expressed, you know, from christian communities, i told them that this test is going to pass, but it should make you stronger, should not make you angry. >> police told us the investigation in to the vandalism case is ongoing, the fbi is also reviewing the case to determine if any federal laws were broken. in the next few hours, orlando residents will have a chance to talk to police officers about community issues over a cup of coffee. the department will be hosting toffee with a cop event at the mcdonald on south kirkland road at 8:30 a.m., the -- 9:30 a.m., it givens a chance to build relationships, ask questions and to learn about the department's work in neighborhoods. a girl was allowed to wander away during school release, next the instructions her parents say educators ignored. and i'm tracking some thick fog for your saturday morning,
5:38 am
going to lift and the timing of some rain and thunderstorm
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or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. time now, 5:41, take a look at this, dense fog in the area,
5:41 am
marina jurica in center weather nine. >> tracking this until mid to hate morning, by 10:00 we should see this clear but for now, as expected, yesterday we said the i-4 corridor hit hard that's what we're seeing in orange, seminole, volusia county, those are big trouble spots this morning. and then we have a touch of fog as you head further south and to the west. from west to east across our viewing area, the villages starting out with a touch of fog this morning and then lots of sunshine and then a chance for some showers and thunderstorms around 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and then in sanford, we'll be looking at a chance for some rain to move in after 6:00 after we top out at 78, and in new smyrna beach, looking at a very nice day, a chance for showers won't push in until late tonight, daralene? dcf now investigating teachers at pennar elementary after parents of an 8-year-old girl say school officials lost her. the parents called the school
5:42 am
the front of the school after their car broke down. after waiting 45 minutes, her father went to the office, that's when school staff raeld -- realized the girl was gone, deputies found her crying a mile away in the parking lot of a domino's pizza. >> anything could've happened, anybody could've picked her up. >> her father found out there are 20 registered sex offender within a mile of where his daughter was found. the orlando magic, coming up, who came through last night to help secure the team's first win of the new year. plus, detectives say say man was secretly recording a woman of a local
5:43 am
she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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covering marion county, a local store manager arrested after deputies say he put a camera inside a woman's restroom
5:45 am
deputies say a woman found the camera inside a plant at the bathroom at the gator smoke shop on monday. she told detectives while she was in the store, the manager, jonathan johnston as you see here, kept going back to the restroom. detectives later found the camera in the storm drain of the store's parking lot. >> i really wish somebody would've come ask told us, i mean, we both have small children in our businesses. >> detectives say they found video of him placing the camera in the restroom and of the victim. they don't know how long he had been using the device. this past december saw 300,000 new jobs added to the u.s. economy and that big number helped keep the florida unemployment rate on par with the rest of the country. some of the biggest increases came from jobs in construction, professional services and healthcare. overall wages also increased by 2.5%. right now the national average for unemployment as well as florida is at 5%.
5:46 am
protective measures could have you waiting a little bit longer to get your tax refund unless you file it before the end of february. the agency says the new security measures will help prevent criminals from filing false tax returns, the irs says with the new rules it could take 21 days or longer for you to get your return it if you are filing one. time now is 5:46 and a lot of fog out there this morning, i started driving in and you can barely see the signs in front of you. half a mile or less visibility, so really, until 8:00, 9:00 this morning, you have to leave yourself a few extra minutes out there and drive carefully. tharvg goodness -- thank goodness it's a saturday morning. the 528, 417 interchange we're seeing weather advisory here for that dense fog. so, i was travelling in on this exact route a couple hours ago, and this was very thick. it was hard to see just a car length in front of you. so please take it easy out there, leave yourself lots of time. our satellite radar is showing that we are seeing mostly cloudy
5:47 am
of fog this morning, giving a big perspective. our west. it's going to take its sweet time getting in here overnight tonight in to early tomorrow morning but then big change if you like the cooler weather, this is going to be the week upcoming for you. so fog trouble spots, definitely downtown orlando, but really all of orange county as well as seminole county in to volusia county, that's where we've got our thickest fog. southern brevard, melbourne, a touch of fog as you head south and towards the west. fog 9 in motion, still showing dense fog in many locations but it's better, not as widespread and by 10:00, 11:00, it's completely clear. current temperatures right now in the upper 50s and low 60s as we head in the day today, it's going to be a warm afternoon, flirting with 80 with the chance of late afternoon showers and maybe even isolated storm but it really wouldn't be until after 5:00. front arrives early sunday morning, drier and gusty as we
5:48 am
ask it will be our coolest stretch of the season. futuretrack showing hour by hour, showers and isolated thunderstorms, this is 6:00 p.m. tonight and you can see that it does clear quickly and then we can see leftover showers early tomorrow morning from about 3:00 until 5:00 a.m. front clears. but looking at our trend over the next five days, our average 71. we'll get close to that as we head in to our sunday, but then we'll dip down for the entire rest of the work week in to the low to mid 60s. so today, upper 70s, warmer day, late shower or isolated storm not out of the question, 61 tonight, we could see a few scattered overnight showers, but still mild and then looking at that five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, we will be seeing that drop in temps on monday morning, you'll be waking up to the upper 40s, so you might need to grab that jacket. daralene? the orlando magic got back on track friday night,
5:49 am
christian buoy has more with your sports. >> 2016 not kind for the orlando magic, starting 0-4 but the nets to be what the doctor ordered for the bunch. first quarter, better to be lucky than good off glass, three point play puts orlando up seven. but in the third, here come the nets. joe johnson, from deep puts brooklyn in front, 41-40. then in the 4th, magic catch fire, too bias -- tobias to edwin, career high assist in this one. how about another assist? there this is it is to aaron gordon, then eric provides the nail for the coffin, six of eight from beyond the arc, 20 for depot in this one, magic thousand a perfect 3-0 against the nets this year. >> we found a way, really rough out there, but we found a way,
5:50 am
to win this game, it helps us mentally, you know, to get over the hump and we've got another one tomorrow, we haven't beaten in a long time. >> he's right, magic coast washington, wizards won 11 in a row over orlando. on to soccer, hit the road to get the first look at the 2016 lions, orlando city announced on friday they will open the preseason with a match against the jacksonville armada on february 13 in jacksonville. the armada have a few familiar faces on their rots like burke and jerome, plus goalkeeper gallardo who was with them all jacksonville. cars and drivers on the track this weekend for the roor -- roar before the roll, his time behind the wheel but thinks fan are in for a real treat, the entire front stretch will officially open on the 28th.
5:51 am
there's no back stretch stands which is odd because, but then when you look at how big the front stretch is, it's pretty cool and then to go on the outside of the track and look in, it doesn't look like a racetrack, it looks like a stadium, it's really cool, awesome job on that. >> channel 9, your home for the wild card game twens the chief -- between the chiefs and texans, 4:20, the chiefs enter with a four game winning streak. taking down the wheeling nailers 5-2, now one four of their last five. that will do it for your morning sports, have a great day. as we go to break, wow! look at that, another view from our downtown orlando tower camera of the dense fog now hovering over the area. coming up, meteorologist marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather and a cool front on the way. remember, you can chat with marina and me over the show on
5:52 am
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commissioners in important ka -- port canaveral replacing outgoing leader john walsh, walsh made comments, he agreed to resign from his position back in september. murray is currently the president of an ocean carrier company based in teenage. -- tampa. if your weekend plans take
5:55 am
days, people are returning for the spring semester. on campus housing reopen today and classes start on monday. coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news this morning. the volusia county sheriff's office is still searching for the man they say raped a woman three times, how deputies arrested the woman they said helped him. and we're still dealing with a lot of thick fog and this will be the case for the next few
5:56 am
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